trying to keep up the morale

I hope I’m feeling better. It’s difficult to tell. I have a lot of body fatigue. In addition I don’t always have the concentration to read and that’s no fun. Just having Eileen around keeps my spirits up. I started Second Founding by Foner today. I don’t think I have read anything by him but any book about slavery and/or African American usually footnotes him. Second Founding seems to be a good place to start in reading him. It’s short. I will want to read more by him.

Despite feeling like crap I have been getting some reading in. Plus when I get too tired I listen to podcasts or the radio.

I am uneasy about whatever’s wrong with me. I hope I haven’t damaged my body too badly with my drinking. I don’t really know what’s going on. If my urine test comes out good next week, my doctor said she would drop it for a while. If not, it’s on to the urologist. I’m not looking forward to that but I would like to know what exactly is wrong with me. I haven’t exercised since peeing blood. I do plan to get back to it if I can.

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