still ill

I finished Playing Indian by Philip J. Deloria. My new copy came in the mail and I transferred my notes on stickies in the library copy to my personal copy. I will be processing this book for a while.

I am still feeling pretty weak. But I did manage to practice piano a bit as well as played three games of boggle with Eileen. We usually play four. But since feeling ill I have only had the energy to play two in row.

It is difficult to tell if my health is improving at all. I have resolved to baby myself in order to help any healing process going on. I am considering skipping the festivities planned for this weekend and letting Eileen drive over to Delton on Saturday night be herself and coming back on Monday.

After Elizabeth and Alex left, Eileen ran errands. She returned Playing Indian to the library. The Readers World had two of the books I requested sitting on the shelves. So she stopped by and picked those up. She picked up my eczema medicine at Meijer. She dropped off the tax info to the people who do our taxes. She came home a happy camper.

Is Old Music Killing New Music? – The Atlantic

It makes me crazy to read articles about music. The orientation of the author and heck the whole dang business and subject seems so foreign to my own understanding of something I love very much. In the case of this article I have been checking out some the music the author talks about. So far nothing has grabbed me very much.

Underscores Makes Music About the Anxiety of Being Alive – The Atlantic

This was a magazine supplement that came with the Sunday NYT on March 13th. I looked it over today and listened to at least one musician mentioned in it. Same response.

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