still recovering from whatever I have

I recently figured out that I am attracted to difficult books. Not just difficult ones, but they are a category in my chosen reading and have been for long enough that I should have put this together sooner. Today I had trouble laying my hands on Fugitive Poses by Gerald Vizenor.

Fugitive Poses: Native American Indian Scenes of Absence and Presence  (Abraham Lincoln Lecture): Vizenor, Prof. Gerald: 9780803296220: Books

Nowhere to be found. Eileen left a while ago to drive to Delton. She will spend a couple nights there and return on Monday. We both thought I should continue to lay low until I heal.

Shortly after she left I found Vizenor. Hurray! I think it and Playing Indian fit the the description of a difficult book. At least they are difficult for me.

I have heard from both my brother (Hi Mark) and son today. Mark was concerned about my fatigue. I guess I haven’t made it clear but everyday I continue to feel like I am recovering from something, I’m not sure what. David called out of the blue. He has been worrying about my ex-wife, his Mom, who apparently is in stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I told him I was ill as well. I can’t truly tell if he’s sober or not on the phone, but at least he’s not so drunk as to be unmistakably so.

A bit later Sarah texted me.

So you can see people are definitely thinking of me.

Eileen has been having trouble getting the gas tank open on the Subaru. So I got dressed today and we went out and messed with it. Problem quickly solved. She had mistaken the hood release for the gas tank release.

Well that’s the update from the sick one. Tune in tomorrow for another episode.

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