Sheer laziness or ill?

I woke up this morning with Lullaby of Birdland by George Shearing rattling around in my head. I immediately put in on my phone to listen to as I did my morning routine. I am feeling better I think. My morale has improved although I don’t like not having Eileen around.

Before too long Paper Moon recorded by Nat King Cole supplanted Birdland in my head so I put it on the phone.

I’m beginning to wonder if my illness is being replaced by sheer laziness.

Sarah and I connected and we had a two hour zoom chat. I hung up and David called to check in with me. He sounded a bit more coherent today.

I heard from Eileen that they were heading for Ann Arbor but that Mark wasn’t feeling well so he and Leigh were skipping the meal. I was hoping that Mark and Leigh, or at least Mark would opt for the opera as well as the meal.

I checked out videos from a previous run in New York and thought the music sounded pretty cool. You can hear it in this video.

Laziness is losing and I need to go do some shit.

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