tired ol jupe on Monday

Unsurprisingly, the portable dishwasher Eileen ordered does come with wheels. In fact, the wheels were in the box. But the people delivering it did not know that. It’s now scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

Edison is eating so that’s good.  This picture is from today.

Although I have more free time, I continue to feel tethered to my job. I have been thinking about the secluded life that is ahead of me. Eileen is truly my sole companion at this stage of life. She seems to be able to handle my intensity and moods well. Thank god for that. Plus seclusion is something I look to with mixed expectations. I think it will be good, but know that longevity is connected with socializing.

Eileen and I were discussing this morning how we don’t fit into the Holland scene. Not much to do about it, but I think it helps to realize it. We are looking forward to a visit from someone whom we  both knew as a young boy, Steven Frayer.

May be an image of 2 people, including Steve Frayer-Isaacson, outdoors and brick wall

This is a picture of him and his husband (in back). He remembers Eileen and me fondly. We re-acquainted via Facebooger a while back. The picture is a recent one Steve put up there. They live in the Detroit area and are planning a visit to Holland and Saugatuck in August. Eileen’s a bit worried that we will be too boring for them. I pointed out that they seem very socialized to me and won’t be expecting to see young versions of us.

Steve F. remembers my harpsichord and has been very complimentary of both me and Eileen as teachers. He is now somehow an out of the closet Roman Catholic church  musician. It should be fun to chat with these guys.

The right is winning the culture war because its opponents don’t know the rules | Nesrine Malik

This is mostly about the UK, but it obviously applies to the USA.

‘If it gets cut, where do the kids go?’ – Chicago Sun-Times

The sentence that struck me was “Big politics are starting to trickle down into smaller communities…”

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