things are starting to calm down a bit


Sarah and Lucy are now safely aboard the first leg of their journey home to England. It was great having everyone visit. I learned that I should break out the guitar sooner when the granddaughters visit.


On Monday I sat and sang songs with Lucy. Both she and Alex were just a tad stand offish this visit. So much going on and I admit to being a bit scary. But after I sang songs to Lucy she seemed much more comfortable with me. She even asked to be picked up earlier today when Sarah was outside and Lucy was feeling a bit abandoned.



I did play piano early on for both Alex and Lucy. But the guitar is a bit more personal. Next time I will break it out sooner in hopes that the grand daughters relax more around scary old Grandpa.


The China group had more people to see before returning home. Above Alex is with her Granny (Jeremy’s grandmother).


It was amazing to see all my family in the last week. It was especially fun to spend time with Lucy and Alex.



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  1. Great pics! I’m happy that y’all got to spend some time together. Looks like fun was had by all. 🙂

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