the good life continues

I drove back and forth to Delton yesterday for Jeremy’s birthday. I had planned to ask Eileen to drive back if it was dark (because of my poor eyesight), but we left well before dark. We had a nice time. I hope Jeremy  (the birthday boy) had one as well. I suspect he did.

This morning I chose to do a Meijer trip instead of a Farmers Market trip since I didn’t think I had energy for both. Later we chatted with Sarah online.

I hope we can see her in person before too long. She seems to be a bit stressed by her life now: Covid, kids, family, numerous day trips. The increasing numbers of Covid cases are not encouraging. But I hope we can travel soon.

I have returned to reading David Foster Wallace. I do enjoy his prose style quite a bit. I have read most of his novels. I don’t think I have read The Broom of the System his first one. But I own a copy. I have been trying to catch up with his essays and short stories.

I have taken to keeping a stack of books next to my bed. I now retire to reading. My fake gin doesn’t affect my motivation to do some reading before sleeping. I’m still going to bed around 7. But now I read for at least an hour. David Foster Wallace books are sitting, waiting for me as well as other books by Zadie Smith and Octavia Butler.

I recently purchased Joy Harjo’s excellent anthology, When the Light of the World was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through.

Anthology Of Native Nations Poetry Is A 'Doorway,' Says Editor Joy Harjo :  NPR

I checked out a copy of this a month ago and did quite a bit of reading in it.  After purchasing my own copy,  I decided to begin once again and carefully read through the Table of Contents (something I do now) and introductory essays as well as all the poems. I learned to consider rereading by watching my grandson, Nicholas. He rereads books he likes constantly or at least he used to.

I find the poems in this anthology attractive. I guess I like outsider stuff.  A book of Harjo’s has been chosen as a community read here in Holland but I’m not sure which one.

I have books waiting for me at Readers World and the library to pick up. At some point today I will drop by and get them and then go post hymns at the church.

I am a bit tired from yesterday but not too exhausted.

Life continues to be good.

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