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We are driving to Delton Michigan today to help celebrate the birthday of Jeremy Daum, Elizabeth’s husband. I have finished my morning routine (clean, make coffee/tea, stretch, exercise, feed cat continuously). Eileen is still resting.

One of the things that seems to be important to me to continue at this point is this silly blog. It helps me to sit and write each day. So what the heck. I’ll blog a little and then read until Eileen gets up.

I have been listening to Charles Ives string quartets. I wanted to look at the scores and discovered they are not on IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project). Dang. I was able to request them via the inter library loan. Ives does a lot of quoting of hymn tunes and melodies. I would like to see how he does that exactly. Hymn tunes are still attractive to me especially when used by Ives.

The silly podcast I put on yesterday’s blog about disinformation drove me a little crazy this morning. Both of the participants had an annoying tendency to end their sentences on a high pitch. I found myself listening less to the content of what they were saying and examining how they used that trending to an upper pitch of voice at the end of statements as is sometimes done with questions. I decided that it might be an indication that they were going to continue the thought in the next sentence. Good grief.

Despite this, I did find the conversation interesting. Here’s an article by the expert: Disinformation: It’s History – Centre for International Governance Innovation.

But speaking of being annoyed at stuff, I have discovered that City Journal, the site/mag that published the article on the suicide of Classical Music is actually sponsored by a right wing think tank. Sooprise sooprise. I figured this out after reading a lengthy debunking of why we need to mask up right now. Here’s the article (remember.. it’s crap!)Do Masks Work? | City Journal

Here’s a better article on Covid. Delta Has Changed the Pandemic Endgame – The Atlantic

Can We Ever Look at Titian’s Paintings the Same Way Again?

The point of this article is that depictions of rape despite being scenes from Ovid need to be reassessed in terms of contemporary mores. I think what’s missing form this discussion in the history of the legends and the importance of legends that are disturbing.

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