dispiriting but enlightening


Three Sundays left. I don’t think Jen is actively seeking a sub for Labor Day weekend judging from her comments to the congregation this morning. Oh well.

We had a small group this morning. Under forty people were present. The singing was sketchy. When this is the case I try to lead solidly with the organ.

Everyone was masked this morning. Eileen and I went out to eat afterwards to the local sushi place. When you enter the restaurant there are signs to mask up. But we ate outside so discarded the masks after we were seated.

  • Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing  America's Heartland - Kindle edition by Metzl, Jonathan . Politics & Social  Sciences Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Robin Diangelo mentioned Metzel’s Dying of Whiteness: How the politics of racial resentment is killing America’s Heartland in her book, Nice Racism. 

I interlibrary loaned a copy. Like Diangel’s book it is working largely from a white point of view. In this case, Jonathen Metzel, the author, writes about three states where he has lived or worked.

It is an enlightening text with lots of first person witnesses who endorse lack of gun controls, anti-ACA and anti-education reform. The basic insight is that people are not being duped into taking positions that inevitably hurt them. They are happy to do so if it means in their own mi vnd they are sticking it to non-whites and immigrants who are poised to unfairly receive governmental assistance.

While it is dispiriting it is enlightening.

Classical Music’s Suicide Pact (Part 2) | City Journal

Although not everything in this article is untrue, I find the anger and much of the unsubstantiated stuff weird. Where does all this anger come from?

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