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I found myself madly composing an accompaniment for today’s anthem yesterday. I hate doing last minute composing. I like to let a composition sit a bit. That way I can return to it freshly and get a better sense of its worth.

I finished the accompaniment, printed it up and walked over to church to rehearse. While there I began to hear a completely different, simpler approach to the piece and was forced to sit down and work on it there. Came home and entered the new writing into a finale doc and printed THAT up. I’m still not certain about the piece, but it will work for today’s anthem.

I scheduled “Put Down Your Nets and Follow Me” a hymn found in Wonder, Love and Praise – text by Janine Applegate, tune (DILLOW) by Randall Giles for this Sunday.

I transposed the tune down a step. I am expecting several absences today (in my SMALL choir) and tried to roll with that by attempting a clever simple arrangement.

I wrote a ritornello (a repeating little section) and an instrumental descant (to be played by myself on piano) so that all the choir will have to master today is the beautiful subtle melody that Giles wrote.

Grace Boggs, interviewed on ON BEING

I listened to Krista Tippett’s latest show this morning. (Thank you to Mark Jenkins for mentioning it on Facebook and inspiring me to check it out) She taped it in Detroit and interviewed several interesting people there none of whom I recognized.

I found the conversation interesting. But I was struck more by its relationship to the book In Search of the Missing Elephant by Donald N. Michael.

Both the people on the Tippett’s show and Michael (now deceased) ┬áspeak to and about the incoherence of the present day. Both are thinking about the future and talking about now.

Here’s some links from Tippett’s show:

The show itself: Becoming Detroit.

Interesting Essays on the site:

Essay: Turning To Instead of Against Each Other | Becoming Detroit with Grace Lee Boggs []

This is an Xmas essay by Detroiter Gloria Lowe but still worth reading even at this time of year.

Essay: Jobs Aren’t the Answer | Becoming Detroit with Grace Lee Boggs []

Essay: Re-Imagining Education | Becoming Detroit with Grace Lee Boggs []

Essay: Redefining {R}evolution | Becoming Detroit with Grace Lee Boggs []

In this last essay Boggs shares a student essay. There is a misattribution in it. The student accidentally says that her Polanyi quote comes from Blessed Unrest from which she quotes Paul Hawken. Her Polanyi quote presumably comes from his book, The Great Transformation, which she links under the second mention of the title Blessed Unrest.

I ran down Boggs’s blog: and bookmarked it. Anybody who mentions Hegel, Einstein and Malcolm X in the same breath is okay in my book.


Rushdie Backs Out of India Literary Event, Citing Security –


Chinese Leader, Wen, Criticizes Iran on Nuclear Program –

Surprising, though Wen and others seek to disassociate economic trade and nuclear sanctions.


Iran Attacks an Old Enemy – Barbie –


Etta James, Singer, Dies at 73 –

Her and Johnny Otis dead in the same week.


The first sexual revolution: lust and liberty in the 18th century | Books | The Guardian


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