made it through a full week

My netbook arrived repaired in the mail yesterday! Hurray! Well worth 99 bucks to me!

thedailywhat:  Infographic of the Day: According to ProPublica, which is tracking opposition to and support for SOPA and PIPA among members of Congress, yesterday’s blackout managed to persuade many politicians to come out against the Internet killing bills. As hope-affirming as that is, it’s important to note that support for PIPA remains strong in the Senate, where those in favor of the bill outnumber those opposed by almost 2 to 1. As mentioned yesterday, another interesting oft-ignored fact is that there is far more support for both bills among Democrats than Republicans. In the Senate, over two-thirds of all supporters are Democrats. The blackout made a difference, but PIPA could still pass, and a procedural test vote is expected next week. Appreciate the accomplishment, but don’t mistake regrouping for retreat. Take action. [propublica / newsweek.]  I’m kind of shocked that Al Franken is in favor of this. He’s one of the few politicians whom I respect.

Good graphic from ProPublica. Click on the pic to go the article. Found the link on the wonderful web site: I have checked this site pretty regularly since my friends Dave Barber and Paul Wyzinitas pointed it out to me.

This was also on it:

jayparkinsonmd:  apoplecticskeptic:  @Skulled via @vincelavecchia  So good…

So I made it through a full week (minus one canceled class) of ballet accompaniment.  I wondered how I would do with 4.5 hours of improvising and I actually did fine.


Yesterday I was a bit off balance since Eileen and I started the day talking to a contractor about redoing our kitchen and first floor bathroom. Great ideas but it left me wondering how we could afford it…

Did bills and then went and checked on my Mom. She took another tumble and I am a bit concerned about her.

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I wasn’t very happy with my improvs in my last class yesterday. Part of the problem was that I was under the impression I had two classes and was trying to pace myself a bit in the first class. But I was incorrect. I only have the one class on Fridays. That is a good thing, I think.

I am trying to make today a day off. With my increased schedule, I need to attend to relaxing and recouping on my one day without anything scheduled.


Active-Duty Army Suicides Reach Record High –

Another terrible hidden cost to our society.


Johnny Otis, Rhythm and Blues Musician, Dies at 90 –


The Wealth Issue –

Some interesting (not mean) history of the Romney fam.


Ultra-Orthodox Jews and the Modesty Fight –

A blame the victim mentality mistakenly reads the Torah.


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