summer in the sierra


southerncaliforniaThis is the area of Southern California where my son and his fam live and where Eileen and I are currently vacationing with them.

southerncaliforniawithcoronaCorona is nestled in the mountains. You can see by the green shaded areas that are there several mountain ranges in this area.

A few years ago I was poking around looking for books on southern California online and ran across a book by John Muir.

I must have downloaded it here. It’s also available online to read.

I enjoyed reading a few pages while visiting then. Before coming for this visit I noticed it was still on my Kindle and began reading in it again.

The prose is gentle and talks about the geological history of this area. I found it pretty interesting.

I began wondering about Muir. I found out that he was one of the founders of the Sierra Club.

I like reading local history while visiting a place, so this is very cool. I found another book by him that looks to be a bit more breezy in its prose:

Muir died in 1914 right after WWI had begun. He was born in Scotland and moved to the US in 1849 with his family. He seems like a fascinating character to me and I quite like reading him. Who knew he was so famous?

The mountains even here in Corona are a beautiful back drop wherever one goes. Very cool.

1. With World Cup in Headlines, a Debate Continues on What to Call the Game – NYT

Soccer originally a British term probably derived from the word, association, in “Association Football.” Who knew?

2. Islamic State in Iraq and Syria? Or Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant? – NYT

You say ISIS, I say ISIL, let’s call the whole thing off.

3. Martin J. Sklar and the Search for a Usable Past | New Republic

As the headline reads: “Meet the Sarah Palin enthusiast who may have been the best American historian of his generations.” Wow.

4. Sheet music sharing |

This is the free music notation software my grandson uses.

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