tiki time


So yesterday everyone in this house was either making a Tiki mask or designing one (Grandpa Butch).

Nicholas’s Tiki mask. He was the last one finished.






Eileen’s. Somehow I forgot to get hers up on Facebooger yesterday, but I rectified this omission this morning.

1. Raymond Carver : The Poetry Foundation

I can see why people read Carver after spending some time in California. One needs a bit of darkness in this sunny sunny place. I do like him.

2. Primary Sources: “Beginners,” Edited : The New Yorker

This is a cool version of a short story by Carver that shows corrections and edits.

3. Rite of the Sitting Dead: Funeral Poses Mimic Life – NYTimes.com

All of my links are darker this morning. Greets from the sunshine state.

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