still on vacation


Last night we went and saw the movie, “Batman vs Superman.” Beforehand, Eileen, Mark, Leigh and I had a nice meal at the vegetarian restaurant, Seva. Mark’s daughter, Emily, and her husband, Jeremy met us at the movie theater. It was fun to be out with the fam. But the movie benefits from low expectations.

There are lots of pretty pictures.

And lots of good actors. Just bad plotting, bad cgi, and bad music.

We are going out to eat again tonight. This time at the local barbecue place, Smokehouse 52.

This should balance out the vegetarian restaurant of last night, nicely.

It’s a nice rainy day in Chelsea Michigan. I should be able to get some serious goofing off done today.

Russia Shows What Happens When Terrorists’ Families Are Targeted – The New York Times

I’m a little behind on my newspaper reading. This story is upsetting.

Supreme Court Hints at Way to Avert Tie on Birth Control Mandate – The New York Times

The court reaches out and tries to shape the country without actually attempting a decision anticipating not being able to come up with a majority. It would be interesting to know how this is going down in the highest court of the land.

4 thoughts on “still on vacation

  1. Maybe you checked him out, and he’s not for you, which is totally fine, but if you forgot, just mentioning John Gibson again…
    Happy vacationing!

    1. I did check out John Gibson, thank you. I admit that when I saw he had a bachelors from Hope it did not encourage me (his degrees from Western and Loyola are more encouraging, but he did return to this area). Thanks for mentioning again! How did you find him?

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