enjoying time away


My blood pressure is creeping up, but the upper number (the one I watch the closest) is still below 140. I’m also eating too many calories while visiting. Oh well. The food and drink has been good.


I’ve also been using the wonders of the internet to compare Bach’s autograph of “The Art of Fugue” with the one published a year after his death. This is fun. Yesterday during my practice I played through the first four Countrapuncti (?) in the versions I have for organ.

I also managed 45 minutes on Mark’s treadmill. This is something I may do again today. I need to purchase a treadmill very soon. Purchasing one isn’t what’s holding me up. It’s where to put the dang thing.

I am enjoying my time away.

I’m still managing to do some work via email and that’s probably okay. My rescheduled doctor’s appointment is a week from next Tuesday. I hope my blood pressure comes down a bit before then. But whatever at least I will be seeing my doctor and talking with her about how best to address it.

Mark has been showing us episodes of Louie CK’s “Horace and Pete.” They are quite good.

I will probably purchase ones we don’t get to see here and follow it.

Today is my last scheduled rehearsal at St. Paul’s Chelsea. They are very good about letting me practice on their organ. I will give them my usual $20 donation as a thank ¬†you.

I am hoping to return tomorrow a bit more rested than I left.


Report Finds Sharp Increase in Veterans Denied V.A. Benefits – The New York Times

There has to be a better way to do this than denying dishonorably discharged vets badly needed help. Often the behavior that leads to their discharge is related to their mental illness. Good grief.

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