what’s not to like?


I’m blogging late because I’m actually on vacation!!!!! I got up and did my Greek as usual. Then I read at leisure in my Norton Anthology of Greek Literature and McChesney’s Blowing the Roof off the Twenty First Century. After everyone got up, we had a nice leisurely breakfast together with each of us scrounging up our food. Very cool!

During breakfast, I had a call from Holland Hospital.

Dr. Fuentes had obviously referred me immediately to Dr. Jim Dumerauf, the head of Behavioral Services at Holland Hospital.

Someone from his office was calling. Unfortunately, evoking Jen Adams’ referral had no effect and the person at the other end wanted to schedule me with someone else. I thanked her but said that I was pursuing specific people who have been recommended to me in hopes of finding someone compatible. She told me Dumerauf only tends to see inpatients (something I knew and could read on their web site). I said okey dokey and we broke off our call.

Darn. But I’m not sure he would have been what I am looking for in a shrink. I’m not entirely sure what that is. But I envision someone as smart as me (smarter even!) and well read as well as competent in their job. But who knows?

I do think it’s cool that Doctor Fuentes moved so quickly on that recommendation. I gave her ?Dumerauf’s and  Ann McKnight’s name just yesterday. We’ll see if I hear from McKnight’s office.

I will pursue this further when I get back in town.

The office administrator emailed me a pdf of Sunday’s bulletin which I printed up for Eileen to proof. This is very good.

It’s good to get some time away. Mark and Leigh are perfect hosts and we all give each other plenty of space in their cool old farmhouse. AND Leigh has a beautiful Steinway piano which is a family heirloom and I am allowed to play.

What’s not to like?

Noam Chomsky: The Republican Base Is “Out of Control”

This is obviously a leftist type web site, but I do love Chomsky.

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