shostakovich on my mind

Shostakovich mentions in his memoirs that it is Bernstein which he prefers as American conductor of his works. Having said that I couldn’t find this reference this morning so maybe I read it somewhere else. At any rate, I enjoy this recording immensely and listened to it last night.

Once again I am blogging a bit late. I am waiting for a phone call from the soloist for today’s wedding. She and I were supposed to meet at noon but apparently she is on her way from Ann Arbor and didn’t think she would be here in time.  I told her to phone me when she was in town and ready to practice.

There is no bulletin for today’s wedding. They may have printed up something themselves,  but our office did not do one as far as i can tell. I think I may be the only person from Grace’s staff involved in this wedding. Weird. I dreamed about it last night. Someone from the wedding was handing me sheet music and wasn’t sure where they wanted the piece performed in the wedding.

I’m not too worried about this wedding. The solo is a goofy pop song.

I was rehearsing it in my dreams last night. It’s very easy. When they hand me pop music I don’t worry very much about it. In my dream I was playing it on guitar.

I think I’m going to quit because it’s a little after noon and I’m expecting to be called over to the church soon.


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