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We are expecting a shipment of fence materials this morning. I got up early, showered, did the dishes, made coffee, and then moved the cars out of the driveway. They won’t start working on the fence until next week.



Eileen and I both are still tired from our California marathon.

I ordered a real copy of Derek Walcott’s poetry book above this morning. I was able to buy it used for around $10. His poetry continues to impress me. I own one volume and would like to have the above collection in my library to read.

It’s looking like Trump may have finally stepped over some sort of line with his current behavior.

I only wish that the election was closer so that his current waning support would cost him the presidency. While the fact that there are so many people who would vote for him is terrifying to me, more terrifying is the idea that he would be leader of this country.

On the other hand, Clinton looks more unattractive to me everyday. Trump is definitely being outdanced but I am feeling less and less confident that the Democrats will not continue to hurt the country if elected (drones, privacy issues, campaign finance). Ah well. All governments are jerks. But I still feel that it’s responsible to exercise my franchise and will vote for Clinton.



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