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Yesterday was Eileen’s and my 43rd wedding anniversary. It was a laid back day. Both of us are still recovering from the past few weeks. We went out for lunch and then ordered in for supper. Eileen spent a lot of time “putzing” (her word) with her new loom. I met with my trio. We played entire through Clara Schuman’s piano trio, opus. 17. It is a pretty amazing piece. I have seen it referred to as her masterpiece.

Right now I’m listening to Swing to Bop Live by Charlie Christian and Dizzy Gillespie. It’s a very fine recording. Kevin Young talks about it in his poem, “Swing,” from his new book, Brown. I haven’t finished his To Repel Ghosts: The Remix, but decided I could add one more book of poetry on my currently reading stack.

 NYTimes: Shouting ‘Fire!’ in the Burning West

Sarah Vowel!


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