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I looked over the hymnody for this Sunday and decided I would improvise the prelude and postlude. This is much easier for me than preparing a piece, so this is a bit of coasting.

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Eileen asked me to write the email to the contractor and the city dude about our decision to withdrawn from their program. Within a few hours we had their innocuous replies. It seems to me that there is incompetence everywhere these days. So many people lack eduction and even simple abilities to follow a grocery list. The latter has been a metaphor for me even before we started using the grocery delivery service.

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I look at people and decide if I would send them to the grocery store with a list and expect to get what was on it.

This service came in handy when the fam was visiting. My daughters enjoyed ordering up stuff from the grocery store. It certainly saved us some wear and tear during their visit, even if it feels mildly decadent and upper class to pay someone to get your groceries.

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Unfortunately, the last delivery was pretty bad. Apparently when Eileen and Sarah pointed out to the delivery person they had requested paper bags, she looked at them incomprehendingly. Nice. There were also missing items which we got charged for anyway.

Ah well. You pay your money. You take your chances.

I am enjoying getting back to daily Greek, poetry and reading as well as playing music.

My student was late for his piano lesson yesterday so I sat down and started playing harpsichord.

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Even though there are some minor problems with my refurbished harpsichord (some notes don’t return consistently) it’s still fun to play the music written for it.

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Yesterday I played through several pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book before my student arrived.

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I think Eileen had a pretty good day yesterday. She’s still recuperating from the past week or so. This damn contracting problem threw her for a loop. We made a list together yesterday of the important things she wants done to the house. Stuff like replace a couple of doors (the mice get in that way) and replace the furnace. This list making seemed to help Eileen.

When she realized I was doing the laundry that she thought needed to be done, she said said she was going to go upstairs and mess with her new loom.

Desired effect achieved!

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