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I’ve been doing a lot of pondering, attempting to process the last few weeks and also thinking about my own life here in little old Holland.

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Laying in bed this morning, it occurred to me that yesterday was a landmark day because I did not touch a musical instrument all day. (Eileen disputes this, but I think she’s wrong) I did give an organ lesson. One of the things I admire about my organ student is how obvious it is that she loves music.

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This morning I have already read about and played through several movements of the B flat Partita (BWV 825) of Bach. I am reading Peter Williams’ J. S. Bach: A Life in Music. He makes an interesting point about the key structure of the partitas. They make up a volume of music Bach published in his life time, the first of the four volumes Bach called the Clavier-Übung (Keyboard practice).


The keys of the six partitas form a pattern (outlined above). The second volume of the Clavier-Übung consists of two pieces for harpsichord: the Italian Concerto and the Overture in the French Style. The key of the first completes the pattern of keys in Clavier-Übung I. The key of the second is B minor which in German is called H moll. This letter completes references to all of the German alphabet names: A B C D E F G H.

That’s kind of cool.

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I have played all the way through Clavier-Übung III at the organ recently.  The only piece I don’t own to play through is the Overture in the French Style. I need to add that to my collection so that I can study and play it.

After talking with my therapist buy cheap valium online australia yesterday I was pondering how in my life many people I care about and am interested in have separated from me.

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I can see a vague beginning of this when I was 17 and my Mom, Dad, and Brother moved away from Flint and I remained.

At the time this didn’t feel particularly uncomfortable. It was time for me to leave the nest at least in some ways.

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But now I look back over my life and I can see many separations initiated by others.  After Grad school, I was working in a local Roman Catholic Parish here in  Holland.  I realized that my abilities and intensity were intimidating colleagues. I began what would be a life long pursuit of tempering my personality so as not to alienate people.

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I have had only limited success with this.

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An interesting aspect of this is the many men who have chosen to minimize our connection after a period of intimacy.

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At this stage of my life, I attribute this largely to the fact that I am hard to pigeon hole and eccentric. Also I am probably seen seen as old (invisible) and thus easily dismissed or ignored.

It’s not something that’s bugging me. Just something I notice.  There is definitely a pattern there. It’s ironic because I feel good about myself. More than that, I feel lucky to have a life that I enjoy so much and find so rewarding. I like having friends and colleagues but they seem to go away. Regrettable, but what my brother described to me recently as my “voracious” appetite for ideas easily sustains me.

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It helps to have some good listeners in my life like Eileen, Rev Jen, and Dr. Birky.

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