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I lazed around this morning until about 7:30 in bed. This is unheard of for me. I think I managed to get some rest yesterday as well. My motivation went to zero. My hands have been hurting more lately. It’s discouraging to think that someday I might not  be able to use them. On Thursday night I thought I felt a twinge in my wrist. You know, right where my tendon is. Great. This added to my lack of motivation yesterday.

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I can’t help but wonder if practicing Phillip Glass is contributing to my arthritic twinges. Yesterday, I went through Sunday’s postlude slowly. That was all the piano practice I did.

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I worked on my frenchifying Purcell project.

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After breakfast and boggle today, Eileen and I went to church to set up for tomorrow. On Wednesday, I had the choir chairs locked together via connectors which will also provide a place for a book. There’s not enough room for some of my singers that way. I was thinking I would quietly unhook a few chairs to make more room for people who are a bit larger.

Then it occurred to me that I probably didn’t need the choir sitting so close together in this acoustic. They were saying Wednesday that they could hear other well. Then I had the flash of using music stands to allow them to have a place to put their books and folders during service. We have been having this conversation for ages about how to make a place that emulates the old choir stalls.

I took a couple stands from home and scoured the church for all of Grace’s stands. Then I set it all up (with Eileen’s help). I emailed Jen and asked if it was okay. Here’s the pic.



You’ll notice the piano is missing from this pic. The piece of paper in the center is a note from Thom the janitor. It says that they came by yesterday and finished tiling the sliding steps that move in so the piano can be inset. Thom asked me to leave it to dry and he would push the piano in place in the morning.

I told Jen I would go back and redo it if she wanted it differently.  It’s after 2 PM and she hasn’t contacted me yet.

YourClassical from American Public Media

So this is cool. This is a web site with multiple classical music streams. What I like is that they are curated and also the piece playing shows.

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