sunday afternoon – new acoustics, cold achy hands, and a new tango


It’s Sunday afternoon. The service this morning was a very interesting experience. The acoustics were very different even with people in the room. I told the choir that sitting in the choir area is now like sitting in front of a live microphone. And this is true. I had parishioners after church commenting about how the sound of the choir traveled into the room.

Image result for sound wave traveling in a room diagram reverberation

So the service went well. The choir sounded splendid. My Phillip Glass piano etudes went pretty well. I managed to get lost a couple of times in the postlude (#11). This player does a nice job.

I went just a touch slower. There are some fours against threes that I was working on before church this morning. I pretty much nailed those. However, I got lost twice in sections it had never happened to me before.

Image result for i'm lost comic book

My left hand was bothering me this morning. It was cold and achy (in an arthritic way). it’s frightening. It feels fine now. But of course I was anxious about what it would do in performance. I remarked to Eileen about the irony of having anxiety about a performance that wasn’t “performance anxiety.”

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I will do something about this if it persists. Probably even if it doesn’t. I have a six month check up this month and will sound out my doctor about what she recommends.

Yesterday I watched this video on Facelessbook.

I pretty much fell in love the music which is Escualo by Astor Piazolla.

I found most of a violin/piano setting online yesterday. Then I ordered a set of parts for this arrangement. I would love my piano trio to learn and perform this at a Grace Notes 2017 recital.


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