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I think I’m going to quit using GoodReads. I try to report what I’m reading there when I finish a book. It seems like it would be simple for this service to report back what I read in 2016. However when I went to their little Books-You-Have-Read-in-2016 section, there were tons of books missing that I reported. Sheesh.

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I can’t quit figure out why when I count the books I have read in 2016 I come up with at least 30 books. This is fifteen more than they have in their section. They seem to arbitrarily omit graphic novels and maybe even some poetry books.

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More importantly for me, I have been thinking about trying to keep better track of books I would like to read. I am constantly running across books and promising myself I will look more closely at them, maybe read them when I get a chance.

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I have a habit of starting too many books. I do like to read several simultaneously. I often choose to read more assiduously the books that have to back to the library. But books often fall off my radar even before I get a chance to look at them in person.

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It would seem like Goodreads would be a good way to keep track of what I would like to read. Unfortunately, when I looked at their section of books one wants to read, it was full of weird titles. I guess I haven’t been that consistent in how I classify books on their site.


So screw it. This morning I started a few docs on Google docs: “Books finished in 2016,” “possible reads,” plus an entire folder called “Book lists” under a folder called “Reading Notes” which I have kept up for a while. This is probably the best way for me to keep track of my reading.


I used to keep written journals. In the back of them I would record what books I had finished and when. I stopped doing this when I stopped journaling on paper and began using online things like Google Docs and this blog.

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I do love to read.


And I like to keep different kinds of books going at the same time: fiction, poetry, non-fiction in different areas. So many books, so little time.

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