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Our house is full of people who seem to be having a good time! Ben and Tony got up before I did this morning. Eileen made a big breakfast for the carnivores. Now she’s doing up some of the dishes and getting ready for round two: Prime Rib.

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We brought home a ton of excellent pizza from Crust 54 last night. I had some for breakfast.

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I worked on a Bach chorale setting I am preparing for the next choir season this morning. At any given moment there are several people on their devices. So unless Eileen notices I’m working I’m not doing anything too rude (I hope).

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I have to get over to church to prep for tomorrow sometime today. My daughter Elizabeth and granddaughter Alex are flying back to Beijing today. They are already in the air. We failed to get the combined Christmas package to Elizabeth and Sarah while Elizabeth was in England. Oh well. We did the best we could.

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