quick weekend getaway


Eileen went to care for her Mom in Whitehall. I jumped in the car and drove to Unadilla to visit my brother and his wife. I wanted to get out of town for the weekend. I only have two more weekends off counting this one.

I brought an interesting selection of music with me. I have had Domenico Scarlatti on the mind, in my ears, and under my fingers recently. I brought the first volume of Kirkpatrick’s 60 Sonatas by him. I also brought some Couperin and a facsimile edition of suites by Dandreiu. The latter present unique challenges because Dandreiu uses a bunch of different clefs. I can read this music, just not too quickly.

I’m reassessing how Couperin and other French Classical composers sit on the piano since discovering a slew of recordings of them on Spotify and YouTube on the piano. It doesn’t work too bad, actually.

Since Leigh has a working guitar I didn’t bother bringing my guitar, just my music and foot stool.

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While at the library yesterday I picked up a copy of Chuck Palahniuk’s new novel, Adjustment Day. He has a great website, including lists of books he recommends. According to his website you pronounce his name “paula nick.” Good to know.

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Mark had this book laying on the piano. I think he wanted me to see it. At any rate, it’s already in my Amazon cart for future purchase. I have read most if not all of Burgess’s work. He is one of my many heroes.

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Well, enough for now. Off to continue my vacation relaxing. Life is good (though I do miss my lovely wife).

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