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Short blog today. I am relaxing at Mark and Leigh’s in Unadilla. I was able to sit on their porch this morning and do my morning Greek and reading. I have had time on Leigh’s wonderful piano. Leigh brought in fresh yellow cherry tomatoes and green beans from her garden. I cooked up some beans and made a salad with them, the tomatoes, fresh zucchini and other stuff. Excellent! You can’t beat fresh stuff.


I looked up my primary ballot for next Tuesday. It’s going to be easy. Most Democrats are unopposed. I know that Ottawa county went for Trump and always goes Republican, but I am voting Democratic. My choice for governor will be El-Sayed. He seems a cut above your average politician.

We are living in an insane time in the USA. The whole concept of “Fake news” makes no sense to me. If it’s fake, it’s not news. There are too many people who seem to either take Trump’s warped interpretation of reality as real or are willing to have him as leader so they can have conservative Justices on the Supreme Court, get rid of abortion, and/or other portions of the Trump madness.

The Republicans will, no doubt, win my county. But I can’t bring myself to vote in their primary as I have done on occasion before.

Spike Lee Takes on the Klan – The New York Times

Lee has taken over Peele’s project. This looks like another movie I will want to see.

Autoplay Videos Are Not Going Away. Here’s How to Fight Them. – The New York Times

Some fun comments on this article…. instructions on how to block ads and much criticism of the New York Times itself for videos and moving gifs on their apps. I totally agree. Movement on my screen that I have not asked for makes me want to put down the device and go practice or read a real book.

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