Eileen’s Mom and thinking about brain functions


My suitcase was in the dining room when I got up this morning.

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It must have arrived last night after I went to bed. Eileen either met the delivery person at the door or discovered it on back porch where she asked them to put it.

Eileen’s Mom is failing.

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Eileen was planning to go up and help with her this weekend anyway. I am planning to spend time at my brother’s house in Chelsea while she is away. Dorothy was diagnosed with congestive heart failure yesterday. She is resting comfortable at home but parts of her body are swollen. She is doing a lot of sleeping. They are planning to  move her to Nancy’s house this weekend. She goes for more blood tests tomorrow and a doctor visit on Saturday.

Our internet is out here at the Holland address.

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I’m using my phone as a hot spot in order to do the blog. According to Xfinity, there are outages in our area and they are working on it.

I am continuing to read in Siegel (the Mind book). Citing a clinical case that he described in another book (first chapter of Mindsight), the midline areas of the top of the brain and the prefrontal cortex enable 9 functions to arise.

1. body regulation (balancing the body’s brakes and accelerator)
2. attuned communication with self and other (focusing attention on internal mental life)
3. emotional balance (living with a rich inner life of feelings)
4. response flexibility (being able to pause before responding)
5. soothing fear (calming fear reactions)
6. insight (connecting past, present, and future with self-understanding)
7. empathy (mapping the inner mental life of another)
8. morality (thinking and behaving as part of a larger whole)
9. intuition (awareness of the wisdom of the input from the body)

In a different order, I found this online.

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In addition, when he has lectured on these, he has had people come up and tell him that they see these functions as corresponding to the spiritual teachings of their heritage (Inuit, Lokota, Polynesian, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist). Physical evidence Siegel’s ideas?

Anyway, food for thought for Jupe.

N.R.A. Joins Questioning of Florida Sheriff in ‘Stand Your Ground’ Case – The New York Times

Very odd bedfellows.


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