pre-retirement vacation


I am planning on blogging more as I get closer to retirement. But this week we are visiting my brother Mark and sister-in-law Leigh in Unadilla. Unadilla is not that far from Ann Arbor. Chelsea is closer. That’s where we are off to this evening. A quick trip to the local independent bookstore. Then out to eat.

Mark cooked last night. I find it very satisfying to watch him cook. He been taking classes in cooking for a while and is, of course, quite adept.

My energy level is not high. I think I’m sort of winding down a bit even in the throes of looking forward to retirement. I have had a couple of nice emails from church music colleagues. All very laudatory and supportive.

I am feeling more and more disconnected from church stuff. But my other  of interest are as strong as ever. I have been reading in my Child Ballads (which are actually the collection of tunes for the Child Ballads compiled by Betrand Harris Bronson). I have been listening to the playlist  of Child Ballads that I posted here.

I am trying to read Leigh’s copy of The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls while we are here. My grand daughter Catherine is reading it and that’s why I am doing so. So far, it hasn’t really grabbed all that much. It reads like someone review their history with their weird family of origin. But I don’t detect a very clear narrative development as of yet. But I’m only a hundred pages into it or so.

I am planning on picking up a couple of new books when i see them. Perhaps they will be at the book store this evening.

Author of 'White Fragility' continues racial con job with new book

Nice Racism by Robin Diangelo.


The Cruelty Is the Point: The Past, Present, and Future of Trump's America  (Random House Large Print): Serwer, Adam: 9780593414156: Books

And The Cruelty is the Point by Adam Serwer.

Well that’s all for today. I just have enough time to do a bit more piano playing on Leigh’s lovely Steinway before we leave for the book store and restaurant.

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