music and a poem

Increasingly I am spending my morning routine listening to music. I liked to listen to podcasts while I exercise and do the dishes in the morning but have been finding most of them bogged down in stuff that doesn’t interest me.

The Child Ballads - Rate Your Music

Eliza Stein put together a playlist based on contemporary renditions of Child Ballads.

I am loving this.

This morning for some reason I was drawn to Mozart’s Prussian String Quartets.

This group has just released a recording which is what I was listening to on Primephonic this morning.

Mozart: Prussian Quartets - Chandos: CHAN 20249(2) - 2 CDs | Presto Classical

I pulled out my scores and discovered the first movement all marked up with my markings (way past schooling).

Complete String Quartets (Dover Chamber Music Scores): Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: 0800759223725: Books

Rhonda dropped by last night around martini time. She brought me a few copies of the CD she and  Brian Reichenbach made of new trumpet music. My BLM is on it.

Great Lakes Duo Front

Great Lakes Duo Back

This promo video begins and ends with excerpts of my piece. CD can be purchased on Rhonda’s  or Brian’s web site.

I am flattered these two did this. I still like the piece and I like the way they play it.

Finally, here’s an excerpt from Natalie Diaz’s American Arithmetic in her Postcolonial love Poem.

Police kill Native Americans more
than any other race. Race is a funny word.
Race implies someone will win,
implies I have as good a chance of winning as

We all know who wins a race that isn’t a race.

Native Americans make up 1.9 percent of all
police killings, higher than any race,
and we exist as .8 percent of all Americans.

Sometimes race means run.

I’m not good at math—can you blame me?
I’ve had an American education.

We are Americans, and we are less than 1 percent
of Americans. We do a better job of dying
by police than we do existing.

from American Arithmetic by Natalie Diaz in Postcolonial Love Poem


Natalie Diaz makes history with election to Academy of American Poets | ASU  News

She rocks!

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