posting while treadmillin

Took my Mom to the doctor yesterday. He was a bit concerned because her clinical depression is deepening. He upped one of her drugs, ordered in home psychiatric nurse care, and asked to see her again on Monday.

Afterwards we went for ice cream.

I also asked her to go out for breakfast this morning. We meet in a couple of hours.

I managed to do some actual composing yesterday. I have been working on a little piano piece. I was looking at the melody (it’s basically a melody with some accompaniment) and decided it would sound cool  on the bassoon. Then I began to hear a chamber trio.

Bassoon by Morrie Turner

So I started a trio version for bassoon, clarinet and flute. This version is much more satisfying to me.

I found an online blood pressure tracker.

I entered all of  my readings since March 16 and my average is 127/81 which is not bad.

This afternoon I meet with Kevin Dobreff from Grand Rapids Community College. I’m actually sort of looking forward to talking to someone about music.

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