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I managed to get a little Greek in before Elizabeth got up.  Then we had a pleasant morning chat. No time to blog really but here are some links.

I’m writing this while Elizabeth and Eileen have breakfast with their phones.


1. Uproar in Egypt After Judge Sentences More Than 680 to Death –

Injustice incident take two. Both hearings were minutes long.

2. Political Executions in Egypt –

More editorial analysis on link 1.

3. Saving the System –

US going to hell in a handbasket observations. I liked this quote:

“when an established international system enters its phase of deterioration, many leaders nonetheless respond with insouciance, obliviousness, and self-congratulation. When the wolves of the world sense this, they, of course, will begin to make their moves to probe the ambiguities of the aging system and pick off choice pieces to devour at their leisure.” Apparently quoting from an email from Charles Hill to David Brooks.

4. Finding a Flash Drive in the Sea –

Satellite tech soon to entire last decade.

5. High Plains Moochers –

Obvious Bundy observations that the right denies.

6. No Accounting Skills? No Moral Reckoning – –

Double-entry book keeping becomes part of cultural literacy requirement.

7. The War on Truth in Ukraine –

More background on this evolving disaster.

8. ‘The Cairo Affair,’ by Olen Steinhauer –

I loved this quote describing reading a boring book:

” The overall effect is like sitting through one of those new super duper jazz concerts where the band kicks off at 7 p.m., three hours go by, then you look at your watch and it’s only 7:15. You want to ask the guy sitting next to you the name of the song, but you don’t want to look stupid. So you sit there, waiting for the melody to come along. Lots of music, lots of riffs, but, alas, no melody.”

9. Ukraine: The Phony War? by Tim Judah | The New York Review of Books

More background. Recommended.

10. ‘Living With a Wild God,’ by Barbara Ehrenreich –

Review of a book written by an atheist about her mystical experience as a child.

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