mark and leigh visit day 2


I had alcohol last night for the first time in quite a while. I had a martini and half a Guinness at the restaurant. I came home and drank two drinks of Mark’s predictably very fine scotch. I got up early enough this morning to exercise before driving off to the eye doctor.

The eye guy said I could have my cataracts removed if I so chose and I do. So that’s coming up. They will call within two weeks to set up another appointment before the surgery. They will do my right eye first and then the left a week later.

They replace the hazy cataract lens with an artificial one which can be altered to fit your vision needs. I’m going to opt for reading without glasses and driving with. This is the opposite of most people’s choice but it’s mine.

I finished reading Postcolonial love Poem by Natalie Diaz and Bonesetter by Chris Haven and returned them to the library.

I think we are going out to eat again tonight. No drinkie poo for Steve tonight.

“American Arithmetic” ‹ Literary Hub

Poem by Natalie Diaz I like.

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