dear diary

Sorry I missed you yesterday. I see my hits went down as well. How did the few mysterious ghosts that haunt this blog know that I didn’t write a new post? Beats me.

My head is spinning with thinking about the next phase of my life. My grand daughter Alex is seven years old today. i can’t believe it has been seven years since Elizabeth gave birth to her. Eileen and I are driving over for a birthday party. It’s actually birth week as they will celebrate for a while. We are coming back tonight before dark. Even so, Eileen will probably drive. She has a new awareness of my bad vision garnered from realizing I couldn’t read signs in the grocery store.

I am very glad to still be alive at almost seventy years old. At the same time my mood is glum this morning. I didn’t sleep that great last night. Thanks goodness for a good cup of coffee.

I’m trying to keep my psychic radar clear as I consider what to do with retirement. I know I am capable of making some interesting and well crafted art whether it be music, prose, or poetry.

At this stage of my life, I don’t findĀ  people to collaborate with over the yeas. I find consolation in connecting with strong minds in wonderful prose, poetry, and music. What will this mean in retirement? Probably more of the same with some specific projects here and there.

On Facebook, Janice Ian pointed out that if you use digital music, you don’t really own it. She was speaking about discovering a recording that she listens to digitally had been changed. She was unable to get back to the original. She advises using CDs to preserve the music you want to here.

Recently my app Primephonic was subsumed into Apple. I have a week before it goes away. Apple wants listeners to migrate to Apple music. They will provide a free subscription for some limited time. I don’t think I’m interested in that. It does look like Primephonic will refund the balance of any paid subscription. This is frustrating. But I am most bothered because I gave this app away to several musician friends. Now it will just stop. But now that I think about it, maybe one or two of them uses Apple music anyway. This morning I am seriously considering purchasing some CDs for the first time in years in order to keep touch with music I am listening to and thinking about.

I’ll spare you links, quotes, and poetry this morning. I just wanted, dear diary, to keep this silly blog going.

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