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I’m killing a little time, waiting to meet with my therapist, Dr. Curtis Birky, in about twenty minutes.

I’m in a much better space today. I had a good day seeing my grand daughter and taking part in the first of day of her birth week. Birth week seems to be how my daughters celebrate the birthdays of their children. Lucy’s birthday is coming up as well and they are already in full celebration mode over in England as well.

The last two days I have played piano before Eileen gets up. This is an excellent way for me to start my day. I asked Eileen if she minded yesterday. She said that not only did she not mind it, but she enjoyed it. Wow. I’ll take that!

Alex painted this painting yesterday with new paints she got for her birthday.

Jeremy is growing a Venus flytrap. He said it ate a wasp. Yikes. It’s much smaller than it looks in this picture. A wasp would be bigger than any of the traps pictured.

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Here’s where I broke off writing and did therapy. I had an excellent session with Dr. Birky today. I find this very helpful. He gives me insights and ideas that help keep me as sane as possible and understand myself better. I can’t recommend therapy too much. Of course, it’s important to find the right dude so another thank you to my brother for teaching me to find someone that fits me!

On Sunday my boss, Rev Jen, announced that she was going to post one “Thank you Steve” message everyday this week. I have been keeping an eye on it so far she has done so.

Today seems to be a video I made for her for some sort of meeting she wanted music for. Here’s a link.

On Monday they put up this.

It’s one of the posters that was sitting in the back of church last Sunday.

On Tuesday they posted the clever, sped up video of the installation of the Martin Pasi organ.

I’ve put it up here before, but here it is again.

On Wednesday, another of those back of the church posters.

I’m not sure what they posted yesterday but I think they did one.

Sheesh. All this attention is kind of embarrassing. But flattering indeed.

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