a few more thoughts on yesterday

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(This was the logo on yesterday’s church bulletin. Ahem.)

Although, Jen’s sermon (“Music helps”) was embarrassing for me, in retrospect, it was gratifying that she outlined my work for Grace so eloquently.  gratifying that Jen could articulate so well my time with Grace beginning with being hired to bring different music style factions together to running a poorly publicized music series. She even called it “Grace Notes.”

I don’t think I mentioned yesterday how kind and complimentary everyone was to me personally yesterday after church at the  outdoor reception. There were also many envelopes and gift cards dropped off at the piano during the prelude. It’s obvious that the group really appreciated me.

Today we begin hosting my brother and his wife for a quick visit. This should be fun. I always enjoying being around them.

They’ll never know how my study/guest bedroom transformed from typical Steve chaos to usability for guests. Eileen did a ton of work as well. One way for us to get a cleaner house is to host someone so we clean everything up.

Although I only have one more Sunday to go, we have a full and satisfying week coming up. After a couple of days with Mark and Leigh, we will drive over to Hastings to help celebrate the seventh birthday of my grand daughter Alex. She started first grade today and judging from the pictures, she was eating it up. Not surprising. All my grandkids are exceptional (no bias here).

I just emailed my piano trio members to make sure they understand that I have not completely quit piano trio yet, just taking a sabbatical before I decide anything about what to do with my retirement. I told them that I definitely will want to have them over to do some playing but I’m not sure how long it will be before this happens.

I finished another book of poetry this morning. One more to go before several of them become due to return to the library tomorrow.



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