made it home



Yesterday was travel day from California back to Michigan.


We brought grandson Nicholas home with us.



Arrived home well after midnight. We found out that MacDonald’s is open late in Holland when we stopped for food. How about that?

It’s good to get back. I enjoy visiting but I also enjoy returning to my home.

I read a good chunk of Toni Morrison’s Beloved on the flight home.

I was surprised to find out that this novel was inspired by a true life instance of a slave killing her own child to protect it from the horrors of slavery.

I continue to be impressed with this writer.

I’ve also been dipping into James Joyce’s work including rereading for the umpteenth time, Dubliners.

This time, I’m factoring in the insights of Anthony Burgess in his Here Comes Everbody which I am also reading.

Good to be back with my laptop. I’m much more comfortable with it than my tablet for general use. But I’m getting better at the tablet and do appreciate it as well.

This is all I have energy for today. See you tomorrow.

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