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I think Dawn, my cellist, was pleased yesterday when I told her my doctor had referred me to a hand surgeon (Orthopedic surgeon). My doctor said that since I was a musician I should have someone look at how my hands are aging and my stretch is shortening. She said it’s possible they can’t do anything about it, but it’s also possible they might. Worth it to have someone look at it, she said.

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A little googling reveals that I might have Dupuytren’s contracture. Thickening of the palm and nodules are both something I have.

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I just checked and my GP didn’t give me this specific diagnosis. My after visit summary says that my doctor diagnosed “Hand deformities, acquired, unspecific laterality.” I wonder if the Orthodontic surgeon will give me a more specific diagnosis.

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So I’m expecting a call from one of two local Orthopedic clinics. The reason Dawn might have been pleased is that she encouraged me to seek some help since my hands are so important to my music making.

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My doctor’s appointment went well. My numbers are pretty good. I managed to log in to my lab report online and look over it before the appointment. And also have it in hand when Dr. Fuentes explained to me what the numbers meant. My PSA (prostrate specific antigen) numbers was up minutely. My cholesterol down. My weight up. My BP acceptable on a second take. The usual.


Both the attending nurse and Dr. Fuentes commented on my hair since I had washed it that morning and it was down and long. Also, when the attending nurse came into the waiting area instead of calling my name, she looked at me and told me I was next. I said to her that you know you’re in trouble when the people at the clinic recognize you.

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This morning I see my shrink for our biweekly meeting. It will be interesting to see how that conversation goes in Easter Week. I told Doctor Fuentes that I had just been through a “challenging” period at work. I try to find succinct ways to update my health care providers. Of course, I’m not exactly “succinct” with Dr. Birky, my talk therapist. Quite the contrary.

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Trio rehearsal went well. I spent quite a bit of time playing cello pieces with Dawn. Amy arrived without her music and took off to go find it.  Dawn and I played Frescobaldi and a huge helping of Bach gamba sonata movements. Good for the soul.

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When Amy got back we went through music for our upcoming AGO appearance including my little piece, “Stirred Hearts and Souls.” I confided in Dawn and Amy that it wasn’t really classical music. It’s more like rock and roll to my way of thinking.  I told Amy I didn’t need the trained concert violinist in her. Instead I needed the fiddle player (she has done some professional fiddle playing…. Irish dances I think). This piece is coming together nicely.

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I think we’re getting a little giddy at church about the impending arrival of the Pasi. Yesterday my boss emailed me that we will not have to adjourn to the basement for the installation process. Martin Pasi said that since they were beginning on a Monday that they would be able to contain the process enough that church services could go on as usual. This is good news.

While I’ve been writing, I’ve been checking out some music. I have to share a couple of videos here that have charmed me.


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