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I seem to have a “Thursday” mood that recurs and it’s not particularly a pleasant one. After effort comes deflation for me. This combines with personality flaws like obsessing and self-pity. The result is physical fatigue and mental dismay. This is not diminished by facing a six month check up today. Bah.

However, in the words of Mehitabel, “Toujours gai, Archie, there’s a dance in the old dame yet.”

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And things are going well, extremely well. It’s not hard for me to realize how lucky I am and to be grateful in the midst of my physical and mental exhaustion. I contacted several of the local organistas and invited them and students to drop in and check out the instrument. Pasi, the builder, told Jen that he would welcome help unloading the instrument next Monday. Jen said she was going to announce that at services this weekend. I stopped by my dentist who had asked if he check out the ¬†installation as it was happening and left a message for him.

I just checked my online blood draw lab results. As near as I can see my numbers look good. My cholesterol went down a bit. My PSA up a point. I’ll go over all this today with Doctor Fuentes. I think it’s pretty cool to be able to see the results online.


Choir rehearsal went okay last night. I had eight people. A ninth person arrived for the last half hour. I tried to help the group shake its fatigue. Instead they accused me of fatigue. Sheesh. Being a choir director is sort of like herding cats. It was a good solid rehearsal. I taught them two new Helen Kemp canons. One of these was “The Instruments of The Orchestra” which is five or six different melodies that can be sung simultaneously mimicking instruments like the violin, the clarinet, bassoon and so on. I think it’s fun. They seemed to like it.

This afternoon I have my piano trio rehearsal. Tomorrow I meet with Dr. Birky my therapist. My life is good despite this Thursday mood.

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