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Working on my Greek with the real text (as opposed to the ebook version) is much different. I have been able to reread the first 14 sections in the text with comparative ease. This makes me hopeful.

I scheduled another organ piece that will require some practice: Recessional by Francis Jackson. I chose it to sort of rhyme with the choral anthem of the day which was written by Erik Routley.

As Eileen and I work on the harpsichord I realize that I am motivated by missing playing the great literature of the instrument by the Couperins, Rameau, and the English Virginalists. It’s too bad I’m so alienated from the organ teacher at Hope. Hope owns a beautiful French double harpsichord along the lines of the one I performed on at Wayne State years ago. It’s hopeless (sic) to think that a guy who won’t accept my “friending” on Facebooger would even consider allowing me time on the instrument. Hence, I bear down on refurbishing my old clunky harpsichord. “Modernizing” is the term the instructions use.

Eileen and I did two more jacks today. That’s 4 down and 53 to go. I don’t think I’m actually “voicing” them all that much. Our goal is to get them to work consistently. That seems like a good goal because adjusting the sound can take months and is best done when actually practicing music.

G.O.P. Senators Say Obama Supreme Court Pick Will Be Rejected – The New York Times

This is the lead story in today’s New York Times. I hope these people are miscalculating in their obstruction. By that I mean, that in the long run, the nominee for the Supreme Court will be even farther to the left than Obama dare put forth. But it’s not hopeful. Trump carried Nevada’s primary. We are a country dominated by hate radio and TV.

Iran’s Hard-Line Press Adds to Bounty on Salman Rushdie – The New York Times

I’m reading the book that motivated the Ayatollah and now the hardliners in Iran to want Rushdie dead.

How Does It Feel, Chief Justice Roberts, to Hone a Dylan Quote? – The New York Times

I think it’s kind of goofy but also kind of neat that these dudes are quoting Dylan. Here’s a link to the actual usages as compiled by the New York Times:

Dylan Citings in Court – The New York Times


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