it really ties the room together



Snow has returned to Western Michigan. It was heavy and wet. I think we are supposed to get more today. My cellist has already canceled our rehearsal for today. Local schools are closed. Another winter day in Helland.


It is beautiful, no denying that.


I have been taking pictures of Michigan snow since I was a young man.


Jan 1970. At any rate it’s in Flint, Michigan.


There you have it. Eileen ordered a rug through the mail. It came yesterday. I think it’s pretty cool.


As they say: “It really ties the room together.”

Because of the weather I had a few absences in choir last night. They were up to their usual stuff requiring me to make an effort to be the one person in the room in a good mood. One soprano refused to move closer to the altos at my request. I don’t want to sit in front of the piano, it’s too loud, it hurts my ears, she complained. How can I get the altos and sopranos next to each other, I asked. Have them move, she responded. So that’s what we did.

I don’t know why they say running a church choir is like herding cats.

When Eileen and I left the parking lot, two choristers who are sisters were still bickering as they cleared each other’s car of the heavy snow.

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