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Eileen and I managed to get one jack working properly yesterday. I admit that I was getting discouraged and skeptical about this project. Last time we worked on it, we had problems getting this jack to work. This time we reviewed the instructions, filed a bit off the bottom of the jack and worked on voicing the plectrum. Now it seems more doable.


A big part of yesterday was getting everything ready to work on the jacks again. As you can see above, a couple days ago we moved the table back into the room. Then it was a matter of getting all the tools out. I also had to work on lighting which is very important for this step.


This morning I skipped reading Finnegans Wake and went directly to work on my Greek. I was inspired because I received two real copies of the texts I have been working with as Kindle books. I plan to read Finnegans Wake later today, but it was certainly a luxury to have these texts as real books this morning. I’m hoping this might speed up my progress and I will be reading Homeric texts in Greek before too long.

There are 118 sections in the book. I have read 21 of them. After 22 more I will be reading Aristophanes. Homer comes later near the end of this text, but I’m hoping not too much later timewise.

Legionnaires’ Outbreak in Flint Was Met With Silence – The New York Times

I love reading about disaster in my old home town on the front page of the New York Times. Sheesh.

Pivotal Nursing Home Suit Raises a Simple Question: Who Signed the Contract? – The New York Times

A patient with Alzheimers murders another patient. Who is responsible? Certainly not the Nursing Home which has insisted that residents sign a contract agreeing to go to private arbitration and not court even in the case of murder.

Seas Are Rising at Fastest Rate in Last 28 Centuries – The New York Times

It looks like Climate Change is happening. Sorry, hate radio and brain dead dittoheads.

 Salmon Rushdie didn’t like Eco. Found him unreadable. Ahem. I do find Eco difficult and I do love Rushdie’s writing. The things you learn in an obit.
Eileen and I just finished voicing another jack. It took us 1.5 hours. Yikes.
The ones with the dampers are the finished ones. The instructions recommend that you being with middle C (on the left), then go up one octave, then another. After that you do the lower Cs. Then you do Gs sort of the way you tune.
Eileen’s sister, Nancy, asked on Vicebook how long this is going to take. If we don’t get better at it, it looks like a while.



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