Slept badly last night. After resisting the urge to sleep in the afternoon, I kept myself awake by exercising and watching some TV. By 11 PM, I thought I should fall asleep pretty easily. This did not happen. Ah well. After a restless night, Edison and the sunlight woke me up around 8:30.

It’s after 11 AM now. I have already been to the Farmers market and made a quick stop at the AAUW annual book sale. I just made my breakfast of stir fried veggies with egg and sesame seeds.

I did manage to get a bit of practice in yesterday. I have scheduled strategically easier pieces for tomorrow.

This afternoon I am planning to check on Mom, pick up her books and return them to the library and replace them with a new bunch.

After that I have to hit the church, post hymns and prep for tomorrow.

I am hoping I will feel a bit better tomorrow.

Watch Videos | The Roosevelts | PBS

I watched Jon Stewart’s Sept 15th show in which he interviewed Ken Burns about his documentary series on the Roosevelts. After that I decided to google it and sure enough there it was online. Just the ticket to keep me awake.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Miss America Pageant (HBO) – YouTube

Then I watched this. I can’t quite get into a rhythm of checking YouTube for the latest “Last Week Tonight.” I do think Oliver is on to something with his format.

Alastair Reid, a Restless Poet and Essayist, Is Dead at 88 –

I am a relentless reader of obits. This one sent me scurrying to read poetry by the person  who died. Found a nice poem here.

Christopher Hogwood, Early-Music Devotee, Dies at 73 –

Speaking of obits, this is a musician whose career I have followed.

Remarks by the President at U.N. Security Council Summit on Foreign Terrorist Fighters | The White House

David Brooks said that President Obama’s speech give last Wednesday was an example of him at his best. I read it. Didn’t quite get that.

Fostering National Identity but Not Nationalism –

Good op ed piece on this topic.

Eric Holder’s Legacy –

Sorry to see this guy go, at least on his civil rights record.

Uighur Scholar’s Life Sentence Is Seen as Reining in Debate on Minorities in China

Ilham Tohti, Uighur Scholar, on Life Under Scrutiny in China –

Last week in China, my son-in-law Jeremy came home. When asked how his day went, he said bad and mentioned this case. What I didn’t get in the US reporting that Jeremy mentioned was that the usual sentence for this crime (which is trumped up) was five years.

How Gary Hart’s Downfall Forever Changed American Politics –

I saw Hart when i was in Oxford a few years back. I think he could tell I recognized him, but I mercifully left him alone. I always admired his politics. This excerpt from Matt Bai’s new book sheds light on how we got into “gotcha” political coverage. I also learned that even though I followed Hart’s fall in 87 (88?), I still got many of the facts wrong. This article corrects some misconceptions that still prevail about the whole deal.

Women’s Rights Activist Executed by ISIS in Iraq –

 At Least 50 Killed in Xinjiang Violence, Officials Say –

Pakistani Guard Shoots Prisoner Convicted of Blasphemy –

Madness around the world. Happy stuff.

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