it’s coming back to me

After playing in public yesterday I feel like I am regain a bit of my psychic energy or something. It was good experience despite the fact that most everyone was listening to the Lutheran pastor yelling where they were to stand and pretty much ignoring us. (He apologized later…. I told him I didn’t mind. I didn’t.)

I even mentioned to the two people clapping after one of our numbers (that would be Mike Fegel and Pat Bergeron…. always good when you know the names of the entire listening audience. Heh.) that they sounded like the crowd on Fractured Fairy Tales. They smiled good-naturedly. I wasn’t sure they knew what the fuck I was talking about. But one kind piped up that I was dating myself. I admitted it. He wasn’t clapping. heh.

I have been thinking about several of my songs (Naked Boy, Elephant, Ghostdance) and how I would like to perform and record them with more drive and energy. I think we did this. Thank you, Jonathon Fegel.

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