FWIW what I did with the GVSU thing (Not a cross post)

Okay, I just sent a long email to Danny Phipps the chair of the Music Department at GVSU. I reminded him that he had taken away a class from me in the previous term.

I told him I was beginning to doubt the wisdom of last minute negotiations that redound to his benefit and my detriment.

And that I would show up Tuesday with materials in hand to teach the classes on the original agreement and we could discuss what was actually going to happen.

Eileen is adamant that it would be better for me not to teach than to continue to get jerked around in this way. I am prepared to just not teach rather than continue to wonder just what I am going to teach and when and why.

The class that they took away from me seems to have been reassigned to a teacher who said to me that he like MU 129 classes (Music Theory for Non-music Majors) because there was no prep.

No prep. Sheesh.

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