Choir party (xpost)

Choir party

My choir threw it’s annual costume Epiphany/12th night party last night. I’m not much of a party animal but these people did well.

Two new members came dressed as We Two Burger Kings. The man had applied a false beard to himself.

The host was dressed as a jester.

One couple came as a shepherd (he kept saying his name was Yassar Arafat) and an angel complete with electric candle.

They gave a prize for best costume. It went to another two kings couple who were very solemnly dressed and were carrying wooden boxes with actual incense it. One of them had a bishop’s Mitre hat on.

One not quite this fancy.

These lucky people received a slinky.

There was also a pre-announced limerick contest. The host insisted they be clean. The winner wrote three pages about the choir and his frustration with having to write a clean limerick finishing off with three that got more and more naughty.

Along with great food and drink, this was a pretty impressive evening. It was a shame the priest was not there. I only hope she saw her invite.

The gift I got my priest finally came in the mail yesterday. I bought her a collection of readings from the ancient fathers (and mothers…. truly: Egeria, Julian of Norwich).

I was looking at my copy this morning and realizing I have owned this book for fifteen years. As of late it has been gathering dust. But I realize that my theological notions such as they are probably grow largely out my liturgical understandings which are strongly expressed in the writings of Egeria, Julian, Augustine, Cyprian. God help me

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