Monday ramble (xpost)

Had cheer up contacts from my Calif fam and my England daughter yesterday. I think I’m doing okay.

The music went very well at church yesterday. I am beginning to have my doubts about the general direction of the priest, however.

I’m afraid we are sort of floating. Maybe I am expecting too much too soon. But I sure wish the bulletin looked better. And I wish the priest had attended the highly successful music minister party. I wish there was more of a coherent direction in general. I will voice some of this to my boss in our meeting this week.

Eileen suspects that due to my getting jerking around at college I am on extra critical mode. She’s probably right about that.

But I still think that my insights about parish life are salient. In the meantime, I am trying to resolve to accept the situation and ignore the parish stuff and just do the music.

My boss took a two week Xmas vacation and came back all tan and still the music was pretty top notch yesterday. I guess the message is that I can do well when left on my own. But I find it troubling to be what I call a liturgical juke box. But maybe that’s what I am. It could be worse, I guess.

There is a new musical called The Beastly Bombing re-opening in East Los Angeles on Jan 19. It’s sort of a modern Gilbert & Sullivan treatment of what would happen when some skin head terrorists bump into to some Al Quada terrorists. Both groups planning to blow up the Brooklyn bridge. They discover their mutual hate of Jews and sing and dance their ways into each other’s hearts.

A bitter reaction to current antisemitism.

There is a generous selection of mp3s of the tunes on their website.

Titles include “The Song of the Sensitive White Supremacist” and “The Bravest President.”

NYT article for more info (this is where I ran across it).

I managed to figure out how to get WordPress to insert pictures yesterday. Progress, slow but sure.

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