I can see clearly now that the rain is gone (xpost)

After sleeping on it, I am leaning toward at least asking the chair of the music dept to honor the contract he gave me.

This is the second time this chair (who is relatively new) has renegotiated my contract to his benefit and my detriment. Last term I had a contract for three classes. I got the phone call the week before asking me if I would mind cutting back to two. I agreed.

Am I getting punished for being co-operative (read sap)?

I am considering going ahead and making materials for the two classes on my contracts. Then Tuesday I would have syllabi (and info sheets and skills assessments for my theory class) for the two classes I have been prepping for.

The worse that would probably happen is the chair would say sue me I don’t want to honor that contract and you’ll never work in this school again. I think I could live with that.

He may on the other hand give me something that looks like what I was expecting (two tues thurs classes, one Music Ap, one Music Theory) after he reads my email refusing to teach a once a week Tuesday evenings class that he suggested as a possibility in our brief phone call.

It’s possible that I will end up with something like what I was expecting like Friday morning…. possible, but not highly probable.

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