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Ir’a not clear to me exactly what the science is, but it has been evident to me that the lack of affect in online communication creates all kinds of falsity. At first I was aware of confirmation bias, that we see what we disagree with more quickly than that which represents our understanding.

But this is a smaller insight for me than remembering how complicated and subtle human communication is. This real human interaction is impossible to duplicate via computer screens. And it is important. I think it’s essential to how we live as people.

In the second volume of Le Guin’s Earthsea Trilogy the wizard Ged points out to high priestess of the Nameless Ones that they are only able to defeat them by being together as people. This relational moment is presented as an defense against bad stuff.

I have more thoughts on this but need to get this blog done.

2. secondly

I was thinking about how badly people are behaving these days online, in social media and comments and crazy shit in general. Then I began thinking how in my life, I have known an overwhelming majority of people who exhibit traits I admire: genuineness, generosity, lovingness. There are few people I have met that I had difficulty seeing their redeeming qualities even as I could clearly see their flaws.

I know this is “anecdotal” nevertheless I think it represents a second authentic truth that is eroded online: it is a small percentage of people who are duds, assholes, and haters. Most of us just fuck up occasionally. Only now we do it in a public forum that is recorded.

Again it creates a false sense of who we are.


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2 thoughts on “Fakebook

  1. I spend a majority of my communicating with clients via email. I do my best to be as clear & gentle as possible when requesting information. It amazes me how some folks just write quickly with what they need, not understanding how clipped & sometimes rude the request can appear to the recipient. I think it’s vital to understand that it’s not only important to be gentle with your written words when communicating, but also understand the recipient will react differently based on what is going on in their world at the moment they read it. I think email is a good tool for work, but only in addition to meeting the clients in person & speaking with them on the phone. If they have an in-person sense of who they are working with, it does much to soften the image & message sent via email. The social media aspect is just an extension of this thought, in my opinion. I am much more appreciative of the poster that takes the reader into consideration.

    Just my opinion.

  2. You’re right of course. Letter writing whether business or personal also has never had an affect included. So in the course of doing your work I can easily see how you would approach it that way. Good point.

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