a work day


Today is a work day.  I sent in the info for this Sunday for the bulletin. This was made a heckuva lot easier by the cancellation of our summer outside Eucharist. I wasn’t sure how I would pull it off. Apparently neither were several parishioners who recommended waiting until we had the logistics better under control. cool.

Then I emailed the participants in the upcoming Grace Notes Recital.

July 23 poster

You’ll notice this lovely poster designed by my daughter, Sarah, has the wrong title for this concert. I didn’t notice until after I had emailed a copy of it to the players and to the entire AGO Holland Chapter.

My AGO chapter sends out emails with BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). I mentioned this to Rhonda and asked if I could get the list. But that never happened. Today I sat down and entered all the members of the local chapter into a contact list. Actually, Gmail used to have contact lists. Now it has you “tag” everyone. Unfortunately, when I pulled up the list I had made about half of the emails weren’t there even though I had meticulously entered them.

Stupid stupid gmail only added the names that were on my contact list. The people whose names I put in that were not on the stupid stupid contact list didn’t come up under the tag. Very clever. I just put the fuckers in by hand.

And then I emailed every one a wrong poster.

By the time I got around to making a Facebooger page of this event on the Grace Notes 2017 page, I noticed the typo.

It’s very likely that I gave my daughter the wrong title for the concert (sorry, Sarah). I emailed her and asked her to change it. She has a lot on her plate these days so I am grateful for any work she does for me on this stuff.

Then I renewed my AGO membership which expired at the first of this month. This is pure laziness on my part, since my church pays for it. I have to pay it and get reimbursed, but still.

Rhonda texted me and asked if she could practice on the Pasi this morning, so that’s where she is right now. I went over yesterday morning and had fun playing around. Again I played through the Eb Bach organ trio (first movement). I have a bad habit these days of not being able to just read something on the keyboard. I instantly lapse into rehearsal techniques regardless of the imminence of actually playing for people. I have been practicing Beeethoven on the piano. There’s not much chance I will perform one of these lovely pieces in public soon, but still I find myself breaking down pieces with techniques like one hand at a time. I guess it’s satisfying because I’m not murdering as much music as I used to.

Eileen texted me that she was planning to leave by 9 AM this morning from Grayling. That puts her here around noon. I have missed her.

what jupe is reading

I have been getting quite a bit of reading in.  I’m on page 95/146 of Le Guin’s The Tombs of Atuan.

The tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. Le Guin (1975 Paperback)

Le Guin does not disappoint. I am enjoying this, but it’s not exactly escape reading since Le Quin has some ideas she is working out as well as telling a story. Very cool.

Sixty Days and Counting | Music In Review | The Journal

Both my brother and Brooke Gladstone say that Robinson is a well known Sci fi writer. I must be out of the game because I didn’t recognize his name. I’m reading Sixty Days and Counting. I’m on page 105/588. Robinson is big on climate change. This book is about a new president facing imminent climate change. It happens now. And according to what I have been reading lately, we are in the midst of dire changes that are happening and becoming more and more difficult to reverse. Nice.

Anyway, Robinson tells a good story. I’m not sure where it’s going yet. So far it’s about the president’s first 60 days (hence the title).

I’m on page 279/325 of Omeros by Derek Walcott. This dude is real find for me. He has written a ton of stuff. I’m planning to reread Omeros but it’s nice knowing there’s other works by him I can read as well.


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